Sunday, 21 April 2013

Final Version Feedback

Megan posed the video onto facebook and tagged myself, Charlotte and Tolga so all the people on our facebook could see. This print screen is showing you what people said, mostly everyone said they enjoyed it but thr first comment by Jack Coribel gives us the kind of feedback we need.

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Final Edited Music Video...

Here is our final version of Dragonfly-Ready To Go, it has been uploaded to youtube this is where i got the video from to upload it onto my blog. Although we have had to change a few things and it was a long process i am happy with the end result. We have also put in a variety shots and effects which is part of the editing process. 

Monday, 15 April 2013



This is our logo that was created within the group for our band Dragonfly. As our band name is Dragonfly we wanted to keep it going in the band hence the reason why we have a image of a dragonfly, also so people would know who we are when they see the logo. Due to us being a girl band the colours pink and black were chosen as pink brings girlies to it and black brings a bit of edge.

The logo will be included onto the posters which i need to add onto. 

Thursday, 28 March 2013


The poster is the poster that i have created for myself and the group. The picture i have chosen i took from my digi pack, i like this image as they both include the signature look of our band which is the scarfs. I have also included the main details you need on the poster which is promoting our album such as our band name, album name, album release date, album cover, record label and other logos such as itunes, Facebook etc because that shows it is to download or where you can find us.

Feedback - First Screening

The video will be uploaded soon of our first screening which was shown to the class and teachers. Here are the feedback sheets given back, taken from it we have positives and negatives.


- Our performance in the music video was good and the image of the band
- Pace of editing was great
- Camera movement was good
- The effects and colour of the music video was nice
- Cinematography worked successfully
- The documentary shots in the video worked and looked really good
- Car shots looked good


- Lip syncing in the video could be adjusted a bit better
- There are gaps in the video that run within the video
- A couple of shots were too long and need to be cut down
- To tidy up the cuts that need to be done


Here are text ideas that we got from Dafont, in the group we have discussed what typography we would like to use for our digi packs and posters and decided the second and third. They are both the same text just shown how it would look like as our band name and the name of the album, the group wanted a text that wasn't too harsh but was elegant and still had an edge to it so people would recognise us through the typography also.